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Restaurant or a Family Dinner?

The difference between a restaurant & a family dinner is whether or not you do something.

Some people treat church like a restaurant (they walk in, make demands, wait to be served, complain about the service, and leave).  How much better is it when are part of the family (you come early, help set the table, serve others, clean up, and enjoy deep fellowship).

If you just come to church to be served, you’ll always feel like an outsider.  Church Picnic Group Photo - 7.21.2013

Come to church to serve!  Be a part of the family!  Help to make Solid Rock better!

When you serve, you come alive!
Where you serve is family!

I’m grateful for the MANY people who serve @ SR.  Our church is growing larger with people who desire to serve.  I guess that’s why we use the word ‘family.’  I’m so glad to be a pastor such an awesome church!  Let’s keep moving forward!

Serving Jesus with you,
– Pastor Jim Bradford

A Mother’s Rules For Raising Children

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.  We are eternally grateful for all those who give of themselves to raise their children in the Lord.

Susannah Wesley was one such mother, MothersDayand two of her sons (John and Charles Wesley) began the Methodist Church.  Her impact upon her children helped to change the world.  Her “Rules for Raising Children” is well worth our attention:

Susannah Wesley’s Rules For Raising Children:

  • 1. Subdue self-will in a child and thus work together with God to save his soul.
  • 2. Teach him to pray as soon as he can speak.
  • 3. Give him nothing he cries for and only what is good for him if he asks for it politely.
  • 4. To prevent lying, punish no fault which is freely confessed, but never allow a rebellious, sinful act to go unnoticed.
  • 5. Commend and reward good behavior.
  • 6. Strictly observe all promises you have make to your child.

Daniel Fast

Of the 40 Days of Prayer that we will be doing starting February 13th, the last 21 days will be our “21 Days of Consecration.”  When something is consecrated, it means that it is “set aside” for God.  A similar word is “sacred.”  It should be our desire for our lives to be set aside in worship to God: for His use & glory.  In the Scriptures, you will notice that when people are seeking God, they usually give something up in the process.  It is “giving up the physical to receive the spiritual.”  For example, when people fast, they give up physical food for a short while & spend the time that they would be preparing & eating food in prayer.

For all those who are able, we will be doing the “Daniel Fast” for the 21 days.  You can read more about that below.  I will also be sharing more information about the Daniel Fast at church.

Everyone in the SR Family will be encouraged to set aside something in worship & consecration for the 21 days.  Lord willing, we will have many join in our church-wide Daniel Fast.  For those who cannot, they can still give up something for the Lord, like watching TV, video games, coffee, candy, etc.

Your motives matter!  Please noteDaniel Fast that this time of “setting aside” things is not to earn God’s love or forgiveness.  God’s love cannot be earned (He just loves us, thank the Lord!) and forgiveness is a gift that comes from Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  These 21 days are not about us ‘getting things,’ it is about us giving of ourselves to God.  It is a time of seeking God.  It is worship that comes from a surrendered heart.

What will you give up during our 21 Days of Consecration?


Pastor Jim Bradford


Susan Gregory has created many great resources for the Daniel Fast.

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Starter Kit (16 pages, includes a few recipes)

“Daniel Fast For Body Soul And Spirit” (59 pages, includes more recipes, video links & a printable journal)


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