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How Christianity is different in China than in the U.S.

I found an interesting thought from author Philip Yancey. CNN interviewed him & asked him how Christianity is different in the US versus in Communist China, where they do not have religious freedom. You can read the article in it’s entirety at

CNN: How is the practice of Christianity different in China than in the U.S.?

Yancey: At my church, when something bad happens, people immediately ask God to fix it: get me a job, heal my aunt, whatever. I pray those same prayers, and I see nothing wrong with them. In China, though, I heard different prayers, not “God, take away this burden,” but “God, give me the strength to bear this burden.”In a country like ours, which has freedom of religion, we can easily take it for granted, either by ignoring it or by going to church as a social habit.

In China, where you can be arrested and imprisoned for your faith, getting together with other Christians is a lifeline and you’ll risk anything for the privilege. No one attends church in China casually, or for a social advantage—quite the opposite.

I once heard someone from a former Soviet country say that Christians there are praying for the return of oppression because under Communist days the church was pure and refined.

Here’s an interesting video from CBS News about the underground church in China.  You can watch it here:;photovideo

For info on how you can help persecuted Christians around the world, visit the Voice of the Martyrs website at


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