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How to Pray

This is our Week of Prayer.  I wanted to share an outline with you that may help you as you pray.  You can remember it by noticing that the 4 parts each begin with a letter  of the word A.C.T.S. (as in the book of Acts in the Bible).

  • Adoration: Begin & end with worship.  Praise God for who he is!
  • Confession: Confess & repent of all sins.  Be honest & take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Thanksgiving: Thank God for all he’s done.
  • Supplication: Pray for your needs & others.  Be specific & don’t rush.  “Pray through!”
  • You end just like you began: by praising God.

I want to encourage you to spend time in prayer.  As you practice praying, you will get better at it.

Talk to the Lord.  Practice listening to God’s voice.  If you’re not used to it, it may seem hard at first to concentrate.  I promise you, the more you pray, the easier it will become.

It is truly a gift to be able to communicate with the Creator & Savior of the world!


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  2. mike kinkade says:

    Thanks Pastor.