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The truth about Jesus: brief & in-depth!

I came across this great video clip that I wanted to share with you. It’s an awesome in-depth explanation of the Gospel by Pastor Mark Driscoll in less than 3 minutes. I hope you enjoy it!

And feel free to share your thoughts. If you don’t see a place to type, just click on “Comment” or “Read More” below and the boxes should appear.

– Pastor

the cry of the heart that God hears

Recently in the messages at Solid Rock, the Lord has been teaching us that everythingprayer-hands-open that we have is all because of His grace.  We are forgiven, not because of the good things that we have done or because we deserve it, but because of His grace… His unmerited favor.  (see Phil. 3:1-11).

In my personal devotional time, I have been reading through the book of Daniel.  Today’s passage included 2 verses that stood out to me.  I want to share these with you on our Blog.  The are from Daniel chapter 9.

In the setting, Daniel is a desperate man.  His entire world has been completely messed up.  He’s been uprooted from his homeland.  He’s a slave in captivity.  He’s being held against his will and made to serve the King of the conquering nation.  As you can see, things are not going well for Daniel. Read More…

The Cross has meaning for me!

This morning, I shared 3 meanings of the Cross for our lives.

So, I thought for our blog, we would further expound upon what the cross means to us personally & how that truth affects us in our daily lives.

For me, I am glad to know that no matter how dark things are, no matter how bad things get, I have the assurance of knowing that Jesus is with me.  He conquered the enemy!  He was & is Victorious (with a capital ‘V’!!) Read More…