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Got any money saving tips?

As you know, the economy is hurting everyone.  I thought it would be great to open up our blog for us to share any practical money saving tips you may have.

I have a few that I’d like to share:

  • Family Movie Nights:  Cook up some popcorn & enjoy a fun night at home! Family Movie Night Gift
    • You can rent movies at your local library for free.
    • You can also rent a dvd from Redbox.  You can rent a movie for $1.  They even have new releases.  The machines are everywhere now – and you can return the movie to any machine when your done.
      • You can rent 2 movies for free!  Just use the codes “DVDONME” and “BREAKROOM.”
      • Check out their website.  You can also reserve movies online (but you have to pay the buck here.  No freebies on the website).
      • And remember, if you don’t take the movies back to a Redbox machine by 9 pm the following night, you’ll be charge $1 per day. Read More…