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Your Sarcasm Tears Up Your Children

I love to share articles that will help others.  I found the following brief article from “All Pro Dad” to be a very good reminder.  You might want to go to their website to receive their free daily email.  Enjoy!

– Pastor.

“Your Sarcasm Tears Up Your Children

According to Webster, the word “sarcasm” derives from a Greek verb that literally means “to tear flesh.” Anyone who has suffered from sharp, cutting, or wounding sarcastic remarks probably wasn‘t surprised to learn that.

You know, it’s easy for fathers to be sarcastic with their kids and to unintentionally wound them deeply.  The father who pokes fun at his daughter for her weight gain… or who chides his son for showing emotion… he may think it’s all in good fun, but it can have devastating and long term consequences.

Asking yourself the question, “Is what I’m saying ultimately building up my children?” will go a long way in curbing unnecessary jesting.

Click here to read the original article from “All Pro Dad

What does your daughter really want?

What does your daughter really want?

Ken Canfield of the National Center for Fathering has done research and found the top five things daughters want from their fathers:

  1. Daughters longed to hear their fathers communicate love and encouragement.
    “The best thing my dad has ever done for me is let me know he loves me.”
    “I wish my father would say, ‘I love you.'”
    “When my dad encourages me I feel like I can do anything.”
  2. Daughters wanted their fathers to take time to strengthen their relationship.
    “I wish my daddy wouldn’t work so much and spend more time with me.”
    “If I could add one thing to our relationship, I would add time.”
  3. Daughters asked their dads to communicate with them more and give them guidance.
    “If we talked more truthfully we would have a better relationship.”
    “I wish my dad would talk to me more and give me advice.”
    “I need more input from my dad.”
  4. Daughters wanted their fathers to seek to understand them.
    “Sometimes I feel like my father has no idea what I’m going through.”
    “I wish my father would try and understand me.”
  5. Daughters wanted their fathers to trust them more.
    “If I could add one thing to our relationship I would add trust.”
    “I wish my dad would trust me more.”

Hey Dads!  Let’s do all we can to love & nurture our daughters!
May the Lord bless you all.
– Pastor.

Reprinted from the All Pro Dad website. I highly recommend this site to all Dads!

This one’s for the men

Hi Guys.  I came across this article on the All Pro Dad website.  I found it to be both worthwhile & challenging for married men as well as those who’ll be husbands in the future.  Take a couple of minutes & read this.  And after that, watch the video of NFL Coach Tony Dungy sharing how he’s doing with this list.  I’d also like to hear your comments as well.  And feel free to share this with other men who know.




“25 characteristics of a husband who truly loves and serves the needs of his wife”
By: Dr. Robert Lewis

1. Includes his wife in envisioning the future.

2. Accepts spiritual responsibility for his family.

3. Is willing to say “I’m sorry” and “Forgive me” to his family. Read More…