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How Christianity is different in China than in the U.S.

I found an interesting thought from author Philip Yancey. CNN interviewed him & asked him how Christianity is different in the US versus in Communist China, where they do not have religious freedom. You can read the article in it’s entirety at

CNN: How is the practice of Christianity different in China than in the U.S.?

Yancey: At my church, when something bad happens, people immediately ask God to fix it: get me a job, heal my aunt, whatever. I pray those same prayers, and I see nothing wrong with them. In China, though, I heard different prayers, not “God, take away this burden,” but “God, give me the strength to bear this burden.” Read More…

The Goldschmidts

Pastor Jim Bradford met up with our missionaries, Rev. Dave & Julie Goldschmidt, while they are back in the US. The Goldschmidts are Assemblies of God World Missionaries to Scotland. Solid Rock is pleased to support them every month with our prayers & finances.

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What a weekend!

We had a tremendous Missions Convention.  I want to thank everyone who came, cooked, and gave.  During the two services, we raised over $500 for missions!  Praise the Lord!100_0332

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This week, I want to take a moment & reflect upon the weekend.  What do you remember the most?  Was it the food?  Was it getting to know someone new?  Was it something one of our speakers said?

For me, I was excited about the overall weekend!  It was great seeing our church family come together, laugh, eat, be challenged by the speakers, and give toward the missions (which is the heart of God).  I really enjoyed getting together with all of you.

How about you?  Feel free to share whatever comes to mind.